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Windstorm Chpt 1.1
The New Dragon Temple
Warmth blossomed onto Anila's body as the sun rose over the trees. The young Dragoness frowned as a bird fluttered onto a branch high above her and began singing; in attempt to shut out the sound, Anila pressed to her head close to her mother's belly. She had half a mind to lift a wing and bat it in the bird's direction to blast it out of the trees.
Instead, the gray-blue Dragoness curled her tail over her head, as if the action would blot out the tweeting of the bird. She thought of the new Dragon Temple, being contructed by the Moles and Earth Dragon workers at the other side of the Valley of Avalar. All the little Dragoness knew about the Temple came from her father, Spyro. It'd been in the works for longer than she'd been alive--just a month over ten years--and was set to open within the month. Carved into a cliff, the Temple was going to be far larger than the original, capable of housing more Guardians and hatchlings, a hatchery, and even a library.
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To Be a Dragonry Pt. 5
Despite being curled up, his head resting over his tail and his pelt and wings keeping him warm in the chill of the night, Fael could not sleep. The bugs that were nonexistent during the day made their presence known in the dead of night, chirping and buzzing. Every now and again Fael heard the ho-hoo of a bird he assumed was a type of owl. Sometimes a harsh call or bark would assault his sensitive ears and he’d jerk in surprise, or something would rustle the bushes around him, causing him to tense.
Zono must’ve had enough. He groaned, shifting in his sleeping bag, and muttered, “I guess I should have you practice on your hearing, you parasite.”
Fael’s eyes widened as his mind flashed back to the stories of dragonries going insane. He began to shake as a chill spread through his body. Am I going insane? Is this what insanity feels like?
“You don’t want to know what insanity feels like.”
If I went insane, would you try to
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To Be a Dragonry Pt. 4
Fael was lucky to find a piece of the pine forest that was full of many kinds of mushrooms. They tasted dry or bitter, but in his mind Fael had come across a hidden treasure. The dragonry had eaten at least half of the stock when the warm-water sensation pooled in his mind for the second time that day, startling him.
Arona’s back, young dragonry! Zono’s voice reverberated in Fael’s mind. Find your way back to camp.
I’m eating, protested the beast, swallowing his mouthful with a nonchalant sway of his tail. Hours ago Zono had told him to move his tail and wings frequently so that his brain would recognize them as a part of his body. The sooner his mind recognized that he no longer had the body of a maelin, the better he’d fare on this journey.
Zono’s shock manifested as a burst of white light, lingering in their mind link. Eating what? I haven’t taught you the basics of hunting! Unless you already know how, of cour
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The Curly War Horse by Degyfridou The Curly War Horse :icondegyfridou:Degyfridou 1 0
To Be a Dragonry Pt. 3
Within five hours into their trek, heading southwest, the trio hit a forest. The forest was full of imposing pine trees, most of which were thicker than Fael’s chest. Ferns and other low-growing shrubbery grew along the roots of the trees and moss blanketed parts of the trunks and even stretched down to the ground. Hardly any light filtered through the canopy, but Fael could see even the tiniest details in the trunks.
Zono had told him only a few hours ago that turning into a dragonry heightened his senses, which Fael expected and experienced. There were times where he was so lost in his new senses that the man had to enter his mind to direct Fael’s attention back to him.
It was learning to cope with those senses that Fael was worried about. Zono was sure to tell him stories of dragonries who couldn’t handle the sudden influx of information and going insane. Others died from shock, their hearts pumping so fast that it stopped without warning. The rest were executed by
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To Be a Dragonry Pt. 2
Fael wanted to run, but where could he go? Back to the Farris Academy of Botanical Arts? He could, but he had no idea where Green Eyes had hoarded him for the last few days, and he doubted that the academy population would be pleased by a dragonry literally screaming as it bust through its stone walls. Due to his origin, Fael could survive out in the wild by eating plant life, but he’d soon become desperate for interaction and wander. What if people killed him on sight?
He had no choice but to stay with Green Eyes.
Fael dipped his head and lowered his tongue into the broth, scooping it into his mouth, shivering at its warmth and rich taste. The meat was tender to the point of practically melting on his tongue and the vegetables were cooked to perfection. What is this? he asked as he ladled more soup into his mouth and chewed.
Green Eyes packed his books and parchments into a purse, which was then strapped to a harness. “The meat comes from a creature that looks like
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To Be a Dragonry Pt. 1
Searing pain bolted through Fael’s body and he convulsed. He opened his mouth to scream but he wasn’t sure if anything came out—the blaring of the agony in his mind overpowered whatever he was trying to say. His eyes snapped open but his sight was blurred by terror and pain—
He came to, breathing deeply. Whatever had afflicted him was gone now, but his whole body was throbbing in such a way that it hurt to move. The beating of his heart was akin to thunder in his ears. Fael attempted to open his eyes, but fatigue made them as heavy as boulders, and he quickly drifted back into the warm darkness, where he hoped to stay.
“…five days! Nearly a week! We…”
Fael lifted his head towards the nagging voice and opened his eyes once more. A short distance away was a flickering orange light, but it was drowned out by pool of blue light coming in from the left. The adolescent could just barely make out a mobile, upright blob in the shape of a humanoid
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Djoran Dragons (Ch. 0)
Its silver scales rendering it invisible, a dragon entered the bone-strewn chamber, its tail dragging on the freezing rocky floor. She held her head low as she half-dragged, half-walked herself to her nest. The blizzard that happened recently, harsh and violent, was not characteristic of the Alpha or Beta. When one of her hatchlings had not come back, the wyvern had gone out in search for her, even going as far as to beg the Alpha to send out dragons to help. When all the attempts resulted empty-pawed, she went into depression.
Lashing Tail lay in her nest, snorting with frustration and sadness. At the next rise of the Moon, she would search for her little one again. She’d search the forest and valley for as long as she has to, if that’s what it took to find her hatchling!
Her mate, Sun’s Tooth, sighed deeply when he entered the den, his claws clicking on the smooth rock as he headed towards the nest. His calm demeanor had always steadied Lashing Tail, but she could s
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Djoran Dragons (Prologue)
This is Berk.
Twenty years ago, the Isle of Berk was caught in a war led by Drago Bludvist. Riding upon and controlling his enslaved Bewilderbeast, the Alpha, Drago laid waste to much of the Isle, using the Alpha to control everyone’s dragons. In an attempt to kill Hiccup, the unofficial chief of Berk, the insane man had the Alpha belch out a mass of ice. Toothless, a Night Fury fiercely loyal to his rider, leapt to defend his friend, protecting him from the attack, but getting encased in cloudy blue ice in the process.
Angered, his body glowing blue, Toothless broke through their prison and rose to challenge the Alpha. Hiccup was on his back, glowering at Drago, who was eyeing them with anger and shock. The intensity of the bond Toothless and Hiccup shared broke the spell the Alpha had over Berk’s dragons; they circled over the young pair, facing their former enslavers.
After a series of attacks and a finishing blow from Toothless, the Alpha, defeat
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The Knight
There lived a teenage boy who worked as the shoemaker’s apprentice. He excelled at his craft but had no love for it. During his free time the teenager would sit by his window and gaze longingly at the castle, a hazy, intricate structure in the distance, wishing that he could be a knight. One day, when his master had given him money to buy bread, cheese, and the cheapest of meats, the apprentice noticed an odd, one-eyed white cat. He set off to chase the cat, who led him to the monastery.
When he caught up to the cat, who was sitting on a ledge, it spoke. “I see how you gaze at the king’s castle.”
“Yes,” responded the teenager. “It has been a dream of mine to become a knight!”
“Is that what you want?” asked the white cat.
Suddenly wary, the shoemaker’s apprentice asked, “Who are you?”
“I am Death.” The cat blinked slowly. He asked again, “Is that what you want?”
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A Flock of Weresheep
Peaceful and patient, the Weresheep are among the most benevolent Lycans there are, if not the most benevolent. Led by a single Shepherd, who is usually the eldest of the flock, these walking clouds spend most of their time aiding the inhabitants of nearby villages and town, offering their fleece, also called fleke, out of good will.
Flocks have a minimum of twenty members and a maximum of fifty, though larger flocks have been noted throughout history, but only for a short time. Weresheep live in villages in large, hilly pastures, supporting themselves by growing their own crops, making their own wine, and trading with the nearby towns. Because they are peaceful and avoid conflict, Weresheep are not born fighters; the only known warriors are trained in whatever art they chose by an outside source.
Although smaller than a natural horse, Weresheep, in their feral forms, are large enough to be ridden by the average adult. They come in a variety of colors, from the traditional white/silver
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The New Dragon Temple

Warmth blossomed onto Anila's body as the sun rose over the trees. The young Dragoness frowned as a bird fluttered onto a branch high above her and began singing; in attempt to shut out the sound, Anila pressed to her head close to her mother's belly. She had half a mind to lift a wing and bat it in the bird's direction to blast it out of the trees.

Instead, the gray-blue Dragoness curled her tail over her head, as if the action would blot out the tweeting of the bird. She thought of the new Dragon Temple, being contructed by the Moles and Earth Dragon workers at the other side of the Valley of Avalar. All the little Dragoness knew about the Temple came from her father, Spyro. It'd been in the works for longer than she'd been alive--just a month over ten years--and was set to open within the month. Carved into a cliff, the Temple was going to be far larger than the original, capable of housing more Guardians and hatchlings, a hatchery, and even a library.

"Finally, the bird's gone." Azar lifted her head to the branch the bird had perched on. "It woke me up." A little gold Dragoness with black attributes, Azar was the eldest of four hatchlings. She was a Fire Dragon if the furnace within her belly and the resulting distortion that haloed her body was any indication.

"Me, too," agreed Anila.

Their mother, Cynder, chuckled. "We needed to get up anyway." She lifted her head high and parted her beaked jaws in a deep yawn, stretching out her lithe body as she did so.

The hatchlings let out small groans and yawns, stretching as they slowly rose to their paws. "What're going to do today, Mama?" Pali stared up at his mother. He was a Lightning Dragon with scales like Cynder's but purple attributes that were lighter than Spyro's scales.

"I suppose we should hunt, first. Spyro?"

The great Purple Dragon hummed. He chose to nestle in front of their brood to block the entrance to their nest. "Hunting?" he repeated as he yawned. "Yes, let's do that. I heard that a herd of elk recently came in."

"What's elk?" Jokul inquired. A green-scaled Dragon with purple attributes, Jokul's body constantly eminated a chill so extreme that frost formed on his body. Papa had taught him to rub his body against trees and boulders every so often so that the frost wouldn't thicken into ice and weigh him down.

"They're big deer," replied Cynder, sitting up, "bigger than the ones we hunt for you." She and Papa often hunted the little deer with black tips on their nub tails.

Azar's eyes went wide and she shuffled where she sat. "Can you hunt us elk, Mama, Papa?" The shine of her scales reflected back onto the vegetation, mixing green with gold.

Spyro smiled and glanced at his daughter. "Of course we will, Aza." He stretched and rose to his mighty paws. "Are you ready, Cynder?"

"Of course." She stood and followed her mate out of the den into the forest beyond. Within heartbeats their paw steps faded into the rustling of tree leaves and the singing of birds.

The hatchlings laid back down, eagerly imagining the taste of elk. Anila licked her lips and swallowed, and then realized that her throat felt a bit dry. "I'm gonna go drink." She rose to her paws and skirted the resting bodies of Jokul and Pali, and pushed her way though the tall grasses that marked the boundary of the den.

"I'm coming, too!" Azar was on her tail, trotting past Anila and into the world.

The darker Dragoness hurried after her hatchmate; then she slowed to a trot and admired the forest around her. The light of the sun just barely reached the floor of the forest, even though the trees were less clumped together near the forest's opening. As the sisters exited the comfort of the shadows they were blinded by the light of the sun. In the distance was a large cliff, the gray stone wall shining. Atop the cliff was another forest. The babbling of a river could be heard just before Anila and Azar; there was a noticeable dip in the land, but the river could only be accessed from the opposite side.

The young Lightning Dragoness reached the edge of the land first and craned her neck downwards to glance at the waters below. The river wasn't calm, but it wasn't frothy like it was during the rainy seasons. On both sides of the river were separate pieces of land, Anila's side much higher than the other.

Paws thudded behind her. Anila glanced up just in time to witness Azar leap off the land, her black wings outstretched. The golden Dragoness beat her wings a few times to gain a few tail-lengths of altitude before, now above the lower land, furling her wings close and diving, forelegs outstretched. She dropped onto grass with a huff and pivoted on her hind paw, trotting proudly to the river to drink.

Not to be outdone, Anila crouched and wiggled her haunches; she leapt forwards, her silvery wings flared, and kept her neck and tail straight so that she wouldn't wobble in the air. For a few moments she allowed herself to relax and her wings carried her over the river--but then she craned her neck downwards, and her tail upwards, and stretched out her forepaws as she dove towards the ground.

"Took ya long enough!" Azar's pointed muzzle was glistening with water droplets.

Anila responded by pointing up her muzzle as she padded to the riverside. After drinking her fill, she said, "Let's go back to our den."

The little Fire Dragoness pouted and dropped to her rump. "You don't wanna stay out for a little longer? Don'tcha wanna see what's over those cliffs back there?" She cast a longing glance over her shoulder to the cliffs beyond them.

"I do, but..." Anila closed her eyes. "Mama and Papa told us we couldn't go beyond the river when they were gone."

"Pleaaase?" Azar crouched into a playful position.

"I don't wanna get in trouble."

Azar sat up and snorted at her sister, twin streams of black smoke rising from her nostrils. "Killjoy. Fine! Let's go back." Without waiting for her sister to respond, the golden hatchling crouched, wings spread, and thrust herself into the air, rising over the other side of the river and disappearing from view. The Dragoness flew all the way to the nest, with Anila following her.

"Yeesh, what were you doing?" Pali lifted his dark head as his sisters returned, narrowing his eyes at them. He was curled up next to Jokul, who was dozing and glittering in the patched sunlight. "Quenching the thirst of a hundred Dragons?"

"Aza wanted to fly over to the cliffs." Anila padded over to him and lay down in another patch of sunlight, sighing contently when the warmth seeped into her scales.

"But we aren't supposed to go beyond the river!"

Azar fluttered her wings and sat with a growl, keeping some distance between herself and their sister. "I know. But Mama and Papa aren't here, so they wouldn't know unless someone tried to tattle!"

The gray-blue hatchling frowned. "Well, we're here now. Maybe Mama and Papa will fly with us later."

Jokul yawned. "Let's just wait for Mama and Papa to come back with food."

The quadruplets settled into silence for a little while, stirring back into life when the familiar scent of their father reached their nose. A moment later the massive dragon could be heard padding up to the nest.

"Papa!" The hatchlings ran out of the nest and nearly crashed into his body. "Did you get the elk?" they cried.

Spyro chuckled. "Of course, my hatchlings. Come." He turned around and led them out of the forest to where Cynder was waiting: on the far side of the river. They never ate their meals close to the nest. Mama always kept a clean and orderly living area and the river provided a quick bath for her hatchlings.

"What're we gonna do now, Mama? Papa?" Jokul inquired, snuggling close to Papa's deep gold chest.

"The Dragon Temple will open in five days' time," replied the Purple Dragon.

The hatchlings stared at him, eyes wide with wonder. "It's already finished?" Azar squawked from her position in Mama's protective hold.

"Yes. The new Elemental Guardians have already moved in. For the last year they were making the preparations to teach the new generations all they know. Dragon hatchlings from all around have reserved their spots."

Anila blinked. There were thousands hatchlings who wanted to train under the Guardians, to learn the deepest secrets of their elements...but out of those, only a hundred or so could get approved. "But what about us, Papa? Do we have to reserve our spots?"

He smiled. "No, Ani. You are our hatchlings--they'll accept you even without applying." Spyro closed his eyes and hummed. "Back when I was your age, the Dragon Temple was far smaller. It was located in the middle of where the Burning Lands are now. Of course," added the mighty Dragon with a frown, a slight growl in his voice, "the Burned Lands weren't always there. They were created by the Dark Master."

The hatchlings frowned. Pali and Azar even cast their eyes to the grass. It was a story Mama and Papa had recounted a few times, but the details never changed. An ancient Purple Dragon who claimed to be the first, the Dark Master was a Dragon who turned his back on his race and tried to kill them all. Mama admitted to being under his control since she hatched from her egg, but she was unable to stop her own body as the Dark Master controlled her to do his bidding. But, with Mama's help, Papa defeated the Dark Master. When he tried to attack them again, the ancient, insane Dragon was sealed away in the earth by the souls of the Ancestors, never to see the light of the sun again.

Spyro glanced upwards to the sky, staring at something only he could see. "When we defeated him the mountain crumbled and fell into the earth, and the Dragon Temple was destroyed." He fixated his eyes on the hatchlings, glancing at them in turn. "I want you to know that this new Temple signals a new era. Dragons my age and older only want to look forward after what happened, but we won't forget."

While her hatchmates nodded, Anila glanced up into the sky. The Dark Master summoned the Destroyer, a massive beast of rock and lava, to destroy the world. It succeeded, but not for long--Papa undid the Destroyer's work and pieced the world back together. Even now, many years later, the hatchling could see the faint, ever-present glimmer of stars competing with the sun and clouds in the sky, along with the planets.

"That's why," said Cynder, her curving horns shining in the light, "we decided that we will take you to the Temple today." She stood up, carefully dislodging Azar from her forelegs, and spread her wings.

"You heard her," chuckled Papa at the hatchlings' awestruck faces. He rose to his paws as well after nudging Pali away. "Spread your wings. Let's go."

Anila had already crouched, her silver wings at the ready, and stared impatiently at her siblings as they began to mimic her position. At their parents' command, the Dragonlings took to the sky.

Windstorm Chpt 1.1
Yup, another story. This one takes place 23 years after the events of the game Spyro DotD.
Spyro and Cynder and the proud parents of quadruplets: the girls Azar and Anila and the boys Jokul and Pali. Of course, like every parent, the Black and Purple Dragons only want what's best for their little ones.


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