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Windstorm Chpt 1.5
"So, Aunt Perendi," started Lumena, "how is it here?"
"Oh," replied the other with a flick of her tail, "I like it. From what I've heard, it certainly is much bigger than the last, with a great many more Guardians and students."
"From what I've read in the records, every twelve years a few dozen eggs, if that, would be donated to the Temple. During the time of the eggs' donations, there were also students in training. This new Temple, however, has a hatchery that can hold approximately seventy-four eggs."
Pali furrowed his brow. "Why every twelve years?"
Tesla took a moment to respond. "It was a tradition Dragonkind held for thousands of years, a way to ensure our populations wouldn't grow too large. Every twelfth year marked a new period, so each generation was collectively twelve years younger than the previous. But, as we've just learned," she added, her voice soft, "not all traditions are meant to last forever. Anyway, that's enough of the past! We only focus on the future here."
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Windstorm Chpt 1.4
The murmurs started up again, this time overpowered by excited students. Anila heard parents deciding who will stay for questions and who will see their hatchlings off; others split themselves between their hatchlings, who had different elements.
Papa and Mama were among the latter. "Come along, Jokul," said Papa, nudging the little Dragon with his nose and standing. "I'll go with you to explore your all."
Giddily the little green Ice Dragon trotted around Anila and to her right. Jokul paused only once to see if Papa was following and then disappeared into the crowd. Dragons politely made way for Spyro.
Anila felt someone nudge her. It was Mama. "Let's go, Anila. Please stay close to Lumena and I."
The young Dragoness stood and, bouncing, followed her mother and siblings into the Fire and Lightning Hall. On the walls were the same patterns that encased the arches: zig-zagging bolts of lightning descending from clouds and swirling fires. Lighting up the halls were the same sun-crystals,
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Windstorm Chpt 1.3
Anila looked about her. Her sister was trying her hardest to remain composed but her tail was flicking with impatience and she craned her neck forwards as if doing so would speed up the journey. Pali was beside Bronto, their movements animated as they talked about the friends they'll make and what their respective Guardians would teach them. Jokul was--
"Are you nervous?" He was right beside her. Anila could feel the chill that emanated from his body. The temperature drop was so extreme that his breath came out as hazy mist. Frost collected at his shoulders, back, and even on his ivory horns.
She stared into his purple eyes. "Kinda. You?"
"Just a bit." He nudged her with his muzzle. "But we'll be fine."
Anila furrowed her brow. "Aren't you worried, Jokul? You'll be all by yourself!"
"So will Aza," replied the other, turning his head to watch the gold Dragoness, "but she'll make friends quickly. Besides, I think we'll be here for a while. That's plenty of time to make friends."
They wer
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Windstorm Chpt 1.2
Cynder led them over the river and in the direction of the den, banking to the right and gliding over the forest below. Farther to their right was the edge of the forest, passing by in a blur and constantly changing shapes. Past that was the dip where Anila knew the river would be. To their left was reasonably flat land that the forest left alone, bordered by cliffs with hanging vegetation. The cliff stretched to the right and ended with sparse trees at the base.
As they flew over the land, Anila noticed the river borders flatten to the level of the river. On both sides of the river were crystalline growths--green for mana and red for fatigue if she remembered correctly. But it all passed by in a matter of heartbeats as Mama glided around the cliff and angled to the left.
Anila knew they were close when she saw Guardians flying to and fro. She first saw a group of four Ice Guardians, fog streaming from their mouths as they talked. They were carrying scrolls and books and one even had a
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Windstorm Chpt 1.1
The New Dragon Temple
Warmth blossomed onto Anila's body as the sun rose over the trees. The young Dragoness frowned as a bird fluttered onto a branch high above her and began singing; in attempt to shut out the sound, Anila pressed to her head close to her mother's belly. She had half a mind to lift a wing and bat it in the bird's direction to blast it out of the trees.
Instead, the gray-blue Dragoness curled her tail over her head, as if the action would blot out the tweeting of the bird. She thought of the new Dragon Temple, being contructed by the Moles and Earth Dragon workers at the other side of the Valley of Avalar. All the little Dragoness knew about the Temple came from her father, Spyro. It'd been in the works for longer than she'd been alive--just a month over ten years--and was set to open within the month. Carved into a cliff, the Temple was going to be far larger than the original, capable of housing more Guardians and hatchlings, a hatchery, and even a library.
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To Be a Dragonry Pt. 5
Despite being curled up, his head resting over his tail and his pelt and wings keeping him warm in the chill of the night, Fael could not sleep. The bugs that were nonexistent during the day made their presence known in the dead of night, chirping and buzzing. Every now and again Fael heard the ho-hoo of a bird he assumed was a type of owl. Sometimes a harsh call or bark would assault his sensitive ears and he’d jerk in surprise, or something would rustle the bushes around him, causing him to tense.
Zono must’ve had enough. He groaned, shifting in his sleeping bag, and muttered, “I guess I should have you practice on your hearing, you parasite.”
Fael’s eyes widened as his mind flashed back to the stories of dragonries going insane. He began to shake as a chill spread through his body. Am I going insane? Is this what insanity feels like?
“You don’t want to know what insanity feels like.”
If I went insane, would you try to
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To Be a Dragonry Pt. 4
Fael was lucky to find a piece of the pine forest that was full of many kinds of mushrooms. They tasted dry or bitter, but in his mind Fael had come across a hidden treasure. The dragonry had eaten at least half of the stock when the warm-water sensation pooled in his mind for the second time that day, startling him.
Arona’s back, young dragonry! Zono’s voice reverberated in Fael’s mind. Find your way back to camp.
I’m eating, protested the beast, swallowing his mouthful with a nonchalant sway of his tail. Hours ago Zono had told him to move his tail and wings frequently so that his brain would recognize them as a part of his body. The sooner his mind recognized that he no longer had the body of a maelin, the better he’d fare on this journey.
Zono’s shock manifested as a burst of white light, lingering in their mind link. Eating what? I haven’t taught you the basics of hunting! Unless you already know how, of cour
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The Curly War Horse by Degyfridou The Curly War Horse :icondegyfridou:Degyfridou 1 0
To Be a Dragonry Pt. 3
Within five hours into their trek, heading southwest, the trio hit a forest. The forest was full of imposing pine trees, most of which were thicker than Fael’s chest. Ferns and other low-growing shrubbery grew along the roots of the trees and moss blanketed parts of the trunks and even stretched down to the ground. Hardly any light filtered through the canopy, but Fael could see even the tiniest details in the trunks.
Zono had told him only a few hours ago that turning into a dragonry heightened his senses, which Fael expected and experienced. There were times where he was so lost in his new senses that the man had to enter his mind to direct Fael’s attention back to him.
It was learning to cope with those senses that Fael was worried about. Zono was sure to tell him stories of dragonries who couldn’t handle the sudden influx of information and going insane. Others died from shock, their hearts pumping so fast that it stopped without warning. The rest were executed by
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To Be a Dragonry Pt. 2
Fael wanted to run, but where could he go? Back to the Farris Academy of Botanical Arts? He could, but he had no idea where Green Eyes had hoarded him for the last few days, and he doubted that the academy population would be pleased by a dragonry literally screaming as it bust through its stone walls. Due to his origin, Fael could survive out in the wild by eating plant life, but he’d soon become desperate for interaction and wander. What if people killed him on sight?
He had no choice but to stay with Green Eyes.
Fael dipped his head and lowered his tongue into the broth, scooping it into his mouth, shivering at its warmth and rich taste. The meat was tender to the point of practically melting on his tongue and the vegetables were cooked to perfection. What is this? he asked as he ladled more soup into his mouth and chewed.
Green Eyes packed his books and parchments into a purse, which was then strapped to a harness. “The meat comes from a creature that looks like
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To Be a Dragonry Pt. 1
Searing pain bolted through Fael’s body and he convulsed. He opened his mouth to scream but he wasn’t sure if anything came out—the blaring of the agony in his mind overpowered whatever he was trying to say. His eyes snapped open but his sight was blurred by terror and pain—
He came to, breathing deeply. Whatever had afflicted him was gone now, but his whole body was throbbing in such a way that it hurt to move. The beating of his heart was akin to thunder in his ears. Fael attempted to open his eyes, but fatigue made them as heavy as boulders, and he quickly drifted back into the warm darkness, where he hoped to stay.
“…five days! Nearly a week! We…”
Fael lifted his head towards the nagging voice and opened his eyes once more. A short distance away was a flickering orange light, but it was drowned out by pool of blue light coming in from the left. The adolescent could just barely make out a mobile, upright blob in the shape of a humanoid
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Hammerhead Shark Lion by Degyfridou Hammerhead Shark Lion :icondegyfridou:Degyfridou 0 0 Chimera 2 by Degyfridou Chimera 2 :icondegyfridou:Degyfridou 0 0 The Empor by Degyfridou The Empor :icondegyfridou:Degyfridou 0 0 Isithian by Degyfridou Isithian :icondegyfridou:Degyfridou 0 0 Chimera WIP by Degyfridou Chimera WIP :icondegyfridou:Degyfridou 0 0


Deenosawrs by Mr--Jack Deenosawrs :iconmr--jack:Mr--Jack 3,069 80 Hound of Hades by CanisAlbus Hound of Hades :iconcanisalbus:CanisAlbus 2,003 20 Blinding. by Remarin Blinding. :iconremarin:Remarin 861 10
Spyro: Price of Darkness Ch. 1
Price of Darkness
"She's wonderful, isn't she?" A black dragoness asked her purple dragon mate.
"She is indeed Cynder." The purple dragon replied.
The one they were talking about was the little dark blue dragoness sitting on the floor in front of them. She had hatched just moments ago and was looking all around her surroundings, getting accustomed to where she was. After a couple of minutes she attempted to get up, and with the help from her parents was able to walk to them and examined them more.
The setting is the mighty Dragon city of Warfang, just a month after the attack from the Earth Dragon tribe. The wall has been rebuilt and all of the Guardians are all healthy once more. To Ember's surprise Statica made a quick recovery and was back in the council chamber before she was officially released. Glacia has also laid her egg and waits for it to hatch with her loving mate, Murghus. The Ice Queen, Krystal, has also become pregnant from her mate Adrian. All is well in Warfa
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Price of Darkness Ch. 20
Ch. 20 The Usurper
After being freed from the Warfang prison by his father Stone flew straight towards the desert of Volos. He only stopped at night to rest and recover all of the strength he could before the fight ahead of him. His grandfather may be many decades older than he was, but he was still a tough dragon. It would not be an easily won battle, even if he could get the citizens on his side. All he knew is that his father had risked his career on this attempt to end the war, and he could not let him down.
After a good night of rest Stone was back on his way to Volos, and it wasn't until midday that he finally reached the desert. From there he, like every other earth dragon, could find where he had to go blindfolded. Even in the sky earth dragons could feel the vibrations of the activity from the city. It was not much longer until Stone approached the entrance. He landed and used his powers to reveal the gate, along with two guards.
"Prince Stone?!" The commanding officer exclaim
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Something Wicked - HARPG DESIGN by MishfitMish Something Wicked - HARPG DESIGN :iconmishfitmish:MishfitMish 19 4 DiRPG Foal | Claimed | Midot by Divine-Admin DiRPG Foal | Claimed | Midot :icondivine-admin:Divine-Admin 17 0 Rhaegar 150 by TotemSpirit Rhaegar 150 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 101 11 Mauja 10 by TotemSpirit Mauja 10 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 18 4 HELLHOUNDS FLAT SALE! by LiLaiRa HELLHOUNDS FLAT SALE! :iconlilaira:LiLaiRa 1,242 123 Zynques: Grounded Wyvern by greyanimebeast Zynques: Grounded Wyvern :icongreyanimebeast:greyanimebeast 56 4 Simurgh by BOOBtheENCHANTER Simurgh :iconboobtheenchanter:BOOBtheENCHANTER 15 5 Simurgh by Oka-Vulsilaak Simurgh :iconoka-vulsilaak:Oka-Vulsilaak 13 3 Salamander Design | Estek by SunsetRevelation Salamander Design | Estek :iconsunsetrevelation:SunsetRevelation 8 0 CROCODILE SKULL 1 by gatorstock CROCODILE SKULL 1 :icongatorstock:gatorstock 7 0 CROCODILE SKULL 2 by gatorstock CROCODILE SKULL 2 :icongatorstock:gatorstock 3 0


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